my poem titled “Black Licorice”

inspiration, life, poem, poetry, writing

Sometimes I find life as bitter as black licorice

Because often times it seems like some careless person

Hands me things without looking

I’d clearly asked for strawberry licorice instead

But that’s all they had

I’m stuck with this licorice now

Because the careless person is busy not caring

I take a bite because I hate to waste

But I’d rather waste it than taste it

Because this tastes like disappointment and dismissal

I find this black licorice piling up

Until I have enough to lug around a dreary bouquet,

Of things I didn’t want or need

And maybe I could pass it off to someone else

After all, people enjoy bouquets from strangers

But it turns out everyone else already carries their own

And they all have the same idea

Be wary of bouquets

Until someone offers you a red dozen

Because when you find someone,

Who’s willing to give up their strawberry licorice,

You know they’re a keeper



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