my poem titled “One-Way Mirror”

inspiration, life, love, motivational, poem, poetry, writing

When you’re someone’s second choice for so long

It’s strange when someone else chooses you first

You get so used to being a shadow instead of a person

You grow accustomed to the things that slip between their teeth

Their excuses and lies and carelessness

That being held just out of arm’s reach is expected

You just accept that they don’t know you as well as they tell others they do

And that their actions with other are exactly how well you know them

That you know their next three steps before they do

And that because you know better you should let them go

But you’ve become comfortable to their mistreatment

Like a beaten child who still expects food from the same hand that hit them

You grow used to one-sided conversations and talking to yourself

And talking about them every time they bring themselves up

All of these things make you weary of a healthy friendship

Like it’s some mirage in the desert of life or a trick of the light

Or that you just don’t deserve it

Afraid that the feeling is again one-sided because you’ve grown used to talking to one-way mirrors

It’s nice to know that someone cares about you

And that you may be damaged and wary

Like a stray dog adopted from a shelter

But you know that where you’re headed

Is going to be a hell of a lot better than where you came from




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