spotlight sunday

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This Sunday, we turn the spotlight towards a soulful singer with a voice smooth as satin. Turner and I have had an unhealthy addiction to this song the past couple of weeks. Enter Jaymes Young.

Other songs by Jaymes Young that are awesome…

Collins recommends: “I’ll be good” & “two more minutes”

Turner recommends: “Dark Star”

Give it a little listen and enjoy the rest of your week!



my poem titled “Some Women”

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The women of today it seems

Revel in the world of selfish means

Of selfies, and makeup, and pursed lips

Of the size of the booty behind their hips

The imaginary gap between their thighs

Night out with their friends trying to get high

On socialization and media press

I find it hard to stomach, I confess

And I’m all for the strong independent women

Who wields her feminism clad fist at passing men

But she raises a middle finger to all the haters

Who are just other girls trying to see you later

And you can’t be friends with another feminist

Because her morals clash with your outfit

Your hair is too teased with hairspray

That you tease all the men with a long wait

And its funny because you’re a revolving door

Of sex on the covers, on the chair, the floor

You stare hard in the mirror trying to perfect your reflection

But you fail to see the total lack of perfection

That you claim to portray

Nice try, but try another day


My poem titled “Don’t”

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They say it is better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all

But how can that be true?

They say you can’t miss what you never had

And that ignorance is bliss

So if you never felt what it is to be loved

How can that be worse than having it and losing it?

Because if you had it

You know what it feels like

And it feels too good to lose

Like the last hit of a drug

When you don’t have money to buy more

It consumes you

Fills all your dark places with light

Makes hard places softer

It safeguards you from harm

Like you live in a rose-colored bubble

Is it better to have known this and then have it ripped away?

Because cold hands will shove you

From that pedestal

You’re so used to sitting on

And you’ll plummet down

Even farther than before

And you’ll land on a bed of empty needles

That once filled you up with love

You’ll crash and burn

With no blanket to smother the flames that lick up your body

Left behind an empty cavity where your heart used to be

Charred and black

And the love that you thought was better to have and lose

Than to have not had at all

Will remain a bitter taste,

Like kerosene,

In your mouth


A playlist

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So I’ve recently accumulated a lot of new music and decided to share a play list with you all so I could share the musical wealth!

Sir Sly – Inferno

The Icarus Account – So In Love

Jaymes Young – Dark Star

Twenty One Pilots – Doubt

The Chainsmokers – Roses

Robert Delong – Don’t Wait Up

X Ambassadors – Unsteady

enjoy! – Turner

quote of the day

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“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
-Robin Williams
Basically, if we weren’t all a little crazy, we’d go crazy. Robin was a very wise man, which was why he was able to be witty and comical. He kindled his spark and grew it into a roaring fire. We should all aspire to be a little mad from time to time.

“The most random time I ever came up with an idea to write about” game

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Let’s play a fun game called “The most random time I ever came up with an idea to write about.” I’ll start.

Last night I was making pork chops for dinner. In the middle of breading the darn things, I had an idea for a sci fi story. So of course I had to run to my laptop and try to type out this idea with flour/egg/bread crumb covered fingers. How that inspiration worked, I have no idea.

Your turn!


Remember when…?

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Have you ever just been going about your day and then an action, or smell, or saying occurs and suddenly a childhood memory resurfaces? I’ve been having that happen a lot lately.

The other day I was pulling into my house’s driveway, and I was reminded of my father letting me steer the car into the garage at our old house. I would scoot over beside him and he would slow the car to a crawl. With my little hands I would eagerly grip the steering wheel, giddy that I was driving the car. It was very exciting.

About a week ago someone had said something funny and I was reminded of the time my dad had called me a “kaknucklehead.” It was the funniest thing my sister and I had ever heard (bare in mind we were about 7 & 5) and we laughed for a solid twenty minutes.

But then there are other times when you are reminded of things from your childhood you’d rather forget, or wish you wouldn’t remember because they make you sad. Like an argument, or a reprimand, or a stupid something.

Fortunately the happy memories out number the less happy ones, and I feel grateful that I have so many good memories to remember. Do you have any childhood memories that you’ve remembered recently?


status update

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So we are closing a chapter (pun intended) in about a week. We will be finishing the rough draft of our sequel to “Betrayal Comes First.” This is both exciting and saddening. Exciting because our characters will reach a culmination to all they’ve worked towards, and saddening because these characters are real people to you and it’s like saying goodbye to a friend.

We are finding ourselves unsure of where to go after we finish. Which story do we pursue next? Not sure about you, but we have about a dozen other possible stories that we have thought up. Basically we are Alice in the forest, reaching the sign with six different paths to take.

-Turner Collins