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We are excited to almost be finished our sequel to “Betrayal Comes First.” Just having one more chapter and then an epilogue to write is crazy! After brainstorming different genres we could write, we finally settled on a story that grabbed our attention. This story will fall into the sci-fi/super human genre Currently we are in the character development stage and we are pretty excited about this. Although it is a little strange to jump into another character’s head after you’ve been in your previous character’s head for a year and a half.

We are excited to start this new journey and share with you lovely people, characters and snippets are they come.

P.S … For someone reason I just love naming new characters. They have to have the perfect name and sometimes that takes a lot of searching. Other times a name just pops into your head. It’s also hard to make your names unique, as you try to avoid using common names from other books. The struggle. Often times, I’ll look through names lists from the early twentieth century to find some gems, or I’ll use interesting names of people I’ve met or know.

-Turner Collins

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