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Let’s talk about communication. About how important it is in joint-written novels. Without constant communication about your plot and characters, your story could turn out like a haphazard stew with odds and ends throw in. You must make the commitment to communicate with your co-author to take on responsibilities fifty fifty.

Talk with each other to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Much like any relationship, you want your weaknesses to be complimented by their strengths, so if you suck at chapter planning, it just so happens that your partner loves to organize. You must understand each other’s characters and how your characters would interact in each other’s pieces so everything flows together seamlessly.

It can be difficult to find time in your life to talk with your partner, but if you want your novel to succeed, you must try. One last thing, make partners with someone with whom you can confidently share your work with. Writing is a very personal affair and showing someone your inner workings takes guts. Your partner should be supportive and likewise, you should support them as well.

-Turner Collins

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