my poem titled “Allure”

life, poem, poetry, writing

I watch from a distance

As others draw you into their orbit like small moons

They pull you into with their gravity with enticing things

The surrounding darkness enveloping you

Like clawed hands swathed in lamb skin gloves

And you don’t even fight for yourself

You float in the breeze like a leaf blown from a tree

Landing in a deep polluted pool

Your once bright green cadence

Now dulled and yellowed

From the tempests that lap at your sides

Or perhaps, you are the ladybug

That rode on the leaf

With the promise of some great adventure

And you will soon realize

That this inviting transportation

Doesn’t come with water wings

That the pool you’ve landed in

Is bottomless, or so it appears

But it’s hard to tell, peering down

Through the murky depths of good times

And nights hardly remembered

If there is such a thing as rock bottom


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