my poem titled “Some Women”

feminism, life, poem, poetry, women, writing

The women of today it seems

Revel in the world of selfish means

Of selfies, and makeup, and pursed lips

Of the size of the booty behind their hips

The imaginary gap between their thighs

Night out with their friends trying to get high

On socialization and media press

I find it hard to stomach, I confess

And I’m all for the strong independent women

Who wields her feminism clad fist at passing men

But she raises a middle finger to all the haters

Who are just other girls trying to see you later

And you can’t be friends with another feminist

Because her morals clash with your outfit

Your hair is too teased with hairspray

That you tease all the men with a long wait

And its funny because you’re a revolving door

Of sex on the covers, on the chair, the floor

You stare hard in the mirror trying to perfect your reflection

But you fail to see the total lack of perfection

That you claim to portray

Nice try, but try another day


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