My poem titled “Don’t”

life, love, poem, poetry, writing

They say it is better to have loved and lost

Than to have never loved at all

But how can that be true?

They say you can’t miss what you never had

And that ignorance is bliss

So if you never felt what it is to be loved

How can that be worse than having it and losing it?

Because if you had it

You know what it feels like

And it feels too good to lose

Like the last hit of a drug

When you don’t have money to buy more

It consumes you

Fills all your dark places with light

Makes hard places softer

It safeguards you from harm

Like you live in a rose-colored bubble

Is it better to have known this and then have it ripped away?

Because cold hands will shove you

From that pedestal

You’re so used to sitting on

And you’ll plummet down

Even farther than before

And you’ll land on a bed of empty needles

That once filled you up with love

You’ll crash and burn

With no blanket to smother the flames that lick up your body

Left behind an empty cavity where your heart used to be

Charred and black

And the love that you thought was better to have and lose

Than to have not had at all

Will remain a bitter taste,

Like kerosene,

In your mouth



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