my poem titled “Jackpot”

life, poem, poetry, writing

If you are born a white male, in North America, you have won the jackpot

And I’m not talking about monetary value, but then again, maybe I am

Because your salary will always be higher than mine

And I’m not saying that it’s your fault

But it was some man’s fault, because it’s the man’s salary that’s higher


You live your life unaware that you are preferred, that your perspective and worldview is skewed

You can go for a walk downtown at night, free from the fear of being raped

You can walk through a parking lot at night without thinking twice

You are unaware of the presence you carry

That just your presence is enough to make people who aren’t white males uncomfortable


If you are a white male in North America, you have never had to step out from under the awning of those considered less than yourself

You can vote sure, but that’s nothing special, because you haven’t had to fight for the right, because you had the right to begin with

You don’t have to deal with an insecure society judging you for what you look like, what you think, and who you are

You can fuck whoever you want, because in the end you are a man, and men conquer

They conquer land, and groups of people, and women’s bodies

And it’s all just property anyway


If you are born a white male, living in North America, you don’t understand how fortunate you are

Because lady fortune of the universe pulled your soul from the draw

And you should count your lucky stars she didn’t toss your number south, or east, or west




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