my poem titled “My Mind Is…”

inspiration, life, poem, poetry, writing

Sometimes my mind is an echoing hallway

Empty and void of inspiration

Free from distraction

I could walk it for hours and not discover one shred of emotion

I could call out simply to enjoy my own thoughts resounding back to me


Sometimes my mind is a cluttered library

Filled to the brim with plot ideas

Overflowing with characters studying elbow to elbow with me

I could generate pages and pages of writing to line the shelves

I could read every piece of literature and still hunger for more


Sometimes my mind is a crowded concert

Artists fight to hold the stage

They compete with each other for my attention

I could crowd surf for hours and still be sad when the music ends

I could listen to a new singer every day and still feel incomplete knowing there is more music to discover


And sometimes my mind is a desolate beach

Relaxing and calm

The only sound the ebb and flow of the lapping waves against the beach

I could walk along the sand and watch my foot prints disappear in the waves

I could dive into the water and just float out to sea




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