excerpt of the day

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Here is a little excerpt from our story “Betrayal Comes First.”

After a few more minutes of walking, I see the fountain I saw earlier, but in more detail. The base is rectangular in shape and made of marble. In the center emerging from the water into the air is a dule of doves, in various stages of flight. The doves’ beaks and claws glint silver in the moonlight. I guess at night time they shut off the water, because I don’t see any jetting into the air. Luka stops at the fountain and dips his fingers into the cool water, scooping up a few glinting coins. He sits on the fountain’s rim and gestures for me to sit, so I take a seat next to him.

“You realize now all those people’s wishes won’t come true.”

He skilfully twirls the coins between his fingers. “If they are content with wishing on a penny or a quarter to make their dreams come true, they don’t really want to make them happen,” he says nonchalantly.

“You have a harsh view on life.”

He shrugs. “It’s just what I’ve come to find.”

“I kind of agree.”

Luka stops twisting the coins. “Really?”

“Yeah.” I glance up at the night sky. “There are a few things in my life I’d like to change.”

Are they out as friends? Are they on a date? Where do you think they are?

-Turner Collins


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