my poem titled “Stars”

inspiration, life, poem, poetry, writing

The desolate moon danced across the midnight sky
Creating waves to ripple across the Milky Way
He grinned at the stars and saluted the nebulas
The moon loved his journey, the one he made every night
He listened to celestial symphonies emanating from far away galaxies
His cratered face crinkled up at the corners, he hummed along with the melodies
But though he witnessed all this wondrous beauty, he waited for the one thing that made every journey truly worth while
The sun
The most glorious gal the moon had ever laid eyes on
He tingled with glee as he drew closer to the mountains, and the sun’s rays touched his face
Somehow the sun made his journey a little less vacant
And like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the sun rose, high above the horizon
She grew brighter and brighter, blotting out all the dark night sky with rays of her own
The moon descended in awe below the peaks, the sun beamed
And for one second, night and day touched



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