my poem titled “Dandelion Seeds”

inspiration, life, poem, poetry, writing


I went to the library one day to look for answers
But they told me all the manuals on life had been checked out
I stood there unsure, rocking back on my heels
How am I supposed to get through this thing called life? I asked
The librarian had no answer for me

I wandered outside, not knowing where to go
Shouldn’t life have a definite direction?
I feel confused
I never know where to go, I am always unsure
Is this normal?

I find myself floating, like dandelion seeds, the breeze taking me in endless directions
Always undecided, while the people around me trudge forward with directions in mind
I fall behind them, asking, “How do you know?”
They never have an answer for me
So I drift in the river of life, letting currents spin me around and around

Shouldn’t I have a concrete destination in mind?
Everyone else does
I feel lost, stagnant in my indecision
They all swim ahead, while I wade in the deep end, not wanting to get out of the pool just yet
Why rush? Then again, why not?



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