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So Turner and I find ourselves wishing sometimes we were machines. Writing machines. Because if we were then we could set a schedule and crank out a chapter a day and stories would be finished in a reasonable amount of time. Sadly that is not the case, and we are not machines. So because of this, we have to deal with the erratic schedule that is the human mind. I’ll write maybe half a chapter one day, won’t have any inspiration for two weeks, and then write a whole chapter over two days. What kind of schedule is this brain?

Also, while we are on the topic of erratic brains, let’s talk about plots. Plots are very iffy guidelines to a story. I can write out chapter plots for 12 chapters and then suddenly half way through chapter four, a character does something that completely changes where you were going with everything. Basically, the characters bully you into doing what they want. It’s a vicious cycle of character/writer abuse.

-Turner Collins


2 thoughts on “status update

    1. it’s a double edged sword really. It’s good because they are telling you what would naturally progress, but it’s annoying as hell because you now have to think of where the story is supposed to go
      ! -Collins

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