My poem titled “Nature vs. Human Nature”

bullying, life, nature, poetry, writing

I watched a video of a gazelle being eaten alive by a pack of hyenas once

It was awful to watch, imaging what it would be like to be conscious as something ripped pieces of me off and ingested them

Nature shows no mercy to the weak, and you can’t argue with that,

Sure it’s cruel, but that’s the way it is

The thought made me sad and soon I realized I had seen this brutality before, only it wasn’t on the plains of Africa, it was in cities, in schools, on computers

Many children fall prey to the stalking bullies that inhabit their schools

They sit alive, as other’s rip pieces of them away, their self-esteem, their sense of safety,

They remain helpless as attack after relentless attack ensues

It ends usually only when the child dies

Sure the bullies need others to feed off of, and they are hungry like everyone else, but they stick to a special diet of superiority, inflicted pain, and belittling

Unlike the hyenas, bullies do not attack for an understandably animalistic purpose, a universally accepted nature

They lash out for blood because their brains and hearts are empty, not their stomachs

Like the people who stood by and filmed the gazelle, anyone who catches sight of such an incident should be compelled to do something

But one should not intercede in nature right? Things should take their natural course and you should watch and do nothing as the gazelle looks at you, its eyes resigned to imminent agony

Fine, but a child is not a gazelle, if they are being attacked and they look at you with the same look, you should be compelled by compassion to help them, because that’s human nature

Human nature is the difference between life and death



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