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“Every day may not be good…
but there’s something good in every day”
― Alice Morse Earle

We should realize that every day is a gift and that positivity is key. Just because you’re having a bad day, and everything is going wrong, doesn’t mean the universe refuses to sprinkle bits of positivity into unlikely places. Imagine you are late for work because your car got a flat tire, then when you finally get to work someone trips and spills their coffee all over your desk. These things would suck, but if you looked back on your day with a closer eye, you’d remember that the tow truck driver was extremely nice and went above and beyond and that while cleaning the coffee off your desk you got to talking with the co-worker that spilled it and find out you have a lot in common. There is always a balance and a day can not be all bad, it just doesn’t work that way. We always find it easy to accept the bad because these things happen so often, but we are lazy creatures so we seldom search through our day to find the good.


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