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Today, let’s take a gander at Luka’s father, Ivan from “Betrayal Comes First.” Let us know in the comments what kind of relationship they have and how you think it developed.

“Colombians attacked one of our ground runners last night, knocked his teeth out. I need you to go down and talk to him, get information.”

“Which runner? Which crew?” I hate having to pull this out of my father. He is the king of vague.

“Does that matter? I want these guys put to rest. I’m tired of having to run interference. We need everything to move smoothly if we want to expand, they are encroaching on our territory, Luka.”

“What about Aleksei?” I say. I understand my father’s “disappointment” with my brother, but if everything he’s saying is true, we need Alek. My brother loves this life, it’s his dream to follow in our father’s footstep, not mine.

“No.” My father states adamantly, stabbing his cigar into his nearly full ashtray.

“Sir, with all due respect, we need Alek. I need my strength in numbers. These Colombians keep getting the jump on us. Aleksei is knowledgeable in the underground world. He knows our dealers, our streets.” I argue. I take a deep breath, squaring my shoulders. “He is also your son.”

“That son of mine is a disgrace, do you hear me? His cheating, disgusting, fraternizing ways cost him not only his fingers, but my respect. I will not have him on the streets, we have an image to uphold. “Don’t think I don’t know about his altercation over at the Garroway’s whore house last night.” He cocks an eyebrow at me. Clearly knowing I was there as well.

I shake my head. I know this argument can’t be won. I go to stand, gripping the edge of my chair. “Okay, dad.” I stand, turning to leave, when my father calls out one more time.

-Turner Collins


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