get to know me

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Today, let’s meet two guys Stef is meeting for the first time in “Betrayal Comes First.” They are sure to make an impression.

“Hey, the name’s Uno,” the first guy says.

“Hi,” I manage, trying not to look at his face.

“Don’t worry about offending me by looking at the eye patch.”

“Oh I wasn’t,” I fib. It appears I’m going to be doing a lot of lying tonight.

“Dude, she totally wants to know what happened!” The second guy, Ollie, says.

“No really, you don’t have to . . .”

“Tell her, man,” Ollie coerces. “It’s so nasty!”

“Okay, okay, Ollie.” Uno looks at me. “So I was in this brutal knife fight, and I was winning, ask anyone who was there.  I got this dude by the scruff of the neck, then all of a sudden the son of a bitch pulls a razor blade from his back pocket and stabs it right into my eye. There was blood all over the place and my eye was hanging by the optic nerve –“

Thankfully a voice interrupts before Uno can conclude his story. I am feeling a little green.

“Uno, as much as you love telling that story, maybe you should save it for another day.”


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