Ever have a random thought?

inspiration, life, random, writing

Hey guys. Sorry I have been MIA, life gets in the way it seems! But I thought I’d share something with you that I thought of randomly a few nights ago.

I am merely the coalition of what I know. No more, no less. I am comprised of my experiences, my lessons and my knowledge. They make up my morals, my ways, my mannerism. Everything I am, I have learned. And the greatest part of it all, is I have the ability to continue to learn. Who I am will never merely be. I will continue to grow, to transpire, to cultivate, and when I am gone, the knowledge I have attained will be passed down to the people my life has touched, crossed paths with, it will continue on with those who have aged and weathered with me. And because of that? I will never end. I will never cease to exist.

– Turner

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