call me indecisive

decision, inspiration, life

I have never been one of those people who can immediately make a decision. Whether it be choosing a favourite movie, deciding what to do when going to hang out with a friend, or really anything else, I have trouble deciding. I don’t know why this is, but I have a few theories. Maybe my soul is more of a hummingbird than a piranha. I can’t go for the kill and make a decision instantly. Maybe there are just so many possibilities, it seems silly to just choose.

This makes life a little more loopy, but I don’t mind. I’ve found this also makes it difficult to take a concrete stance on something, because I can easily see both sides. Being indecisive has also been a gift. I find myself thinking so much more. Because I see all options and weigh them, I take the time to make the right decision, if there is such a thing.



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