Get to know me

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Today, let’s get to know Luka’s charming older brother, Aleksei.

“So, tell me something,” Aleksei says, picking up a dumbbell in his good hand, doing a curl in a slow, precise movement. He’s been going at this longer than I have. His endurance can’t be beat by anybody, even I can admit that. I look over, waiting for him to elaborate. “When was the last time you had a woman? A real, honest to god, looking for a good time girl?” he chuckles.

I shake my head in disgust, taking a large swig of the water bottle at my feet. Aleksei carries on laughing, before continuing with his disturbing thoughts.

“Because let me tell you, the babe I was with last night? Jenn? Jess? Whatever it was, well she was definitely a good time girl. She was quite vocal too.” He eyes me with amusement.

“You know, you’re vulgar. Why do you even care if you’re getting such ‘good times’?” I ask. I decide to let my shoulders and wrists have a break and step onto the treadmill, setting it at an even pace.  I keep my head forward, staring out of the tinted glass window in front of me. The sun has already begun to set, making the sky a mix of orange and pink. I can see Maxim in the garden, playing on his iPad. His shoulders are hunched, his blond hair falling into his eyes. The kid can seriously eat fifty big mac meals and not gain a single pound. Not that it really matters, he is still a sneaky little thing. I’ve trained my little brother well. At only fifteen, he can handle himself. Aleksei breaks my thoughts, still trying to engage me in his ridiculous conversation.

“Because, you are getting pretty crotchety. What was the last chick’s name you were seeing? Bethany? The chick with the big boobs?” He laughs, setting the dumbbell down and crossing his arms over his chest. I ignore him. Apparently he doesn’t approve of this, because he grabs me by the scruff of the neck, pulling me back to look him square in the face. I lose my footing, almost tumbling off the treadmill.

What kind of relationship does it seem Luka has with his brother? What do you think Aleksei looks like?


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